Modular Works designs, manufactures and assembles luxury detached and connected bedroom Roompods for pubs, restaurants, B&Bs, hotels and wedding venues, so that they can provide additional overnight accommodation for their customers.

Each Roompod hospitality building effectively adds one or two comfortable, en-suite chalet bedrooms, adding extra capacity to your existing accommodation offering or providing a brand new income stream for your business.

Roompods are high-spec, eco-friendly and solidly constructed, but are relocatable and easily positioned in a few hours for a super-fast, cost-effective solution to your business’s changing needs.

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Made in the UK

Factory-made in the UK to a high specification that exceeds current Building Regulations, Roompods are built to a standard design, then finished with a choice of interior and exterior decor options to meet customer preferences.

Flexible use – profitable operation

Due to our modular accommodation pods being self-supporting and relatively lightweight, they can be flexibly sited with minimal foundations required, providing a fast, convenient ‘plug & play’ solution that can open up a profitable new income stream for innovative businesses, given reasonable occupancy levels and commercial charge-out rates.

For lease or purchase

Our Roompod modular buildings are accepted for leasing by finance providers, similar to the leasing of a company car or commercial vehicle, and they can be classed as a rental for tax purposes. We can assist with finance options, including routes replacing up-front capital investment with repayment of set-up costs from ongoing profits.



Affordable • Fast-build • High-quality • Energy-efficient • Relocatable • Profitable

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