Meet budgetary and timescale deadlines with a Modular Works’ commercial building. From car dealerships, restaurants and healthcare facilities, to retail outlets and sales offices – our commercial buildings offer convenient and fast solutions.

Connected or singular buildings

Our modular building system is designed to allow simple, cost-effective factory construction, transportation and on-site assembly. Assembled buildings are then connected to local utilities and are ready for use. The system can be used for individual buildings or to develop small or large complexes – even multi-storey constructions.

On-site or off-site modular building construction

Installation is carried out by our own fully employed workforce, offering a completely turn-key solution – from design and planning through to groundwork, service connection and internal shop-fitting and landscaping. Modular Works’ building modules are factory-manufactured and transported to site for assembly. Dependent on required specifications, a typical pack includes:

Exterior and interior building structure, heavy-duty insulated wall and ceiling panels, ventilation and insulated internal partition walls and doors, vinyl flooring and all external and internal finishes, double-glazed PVC or coloured aluminium warm core window and security entrance door units, sanitary ware, plumbing pipe-work, electric water heater and electrical system, sockets, switches and lighting. Various heating options are available.

Standard modules measure 6m x 2.4m, are 2.5m high, 6m x 3.4m, 8m x 3.4m   and are completely free-standing and self supporting upon a level concrete pad or Jack pad mounting system. Additional specifications, equipment and furniture supply options are available on request.

Commercial units - relocatable, ready to go

Long-lasting buildings

Our modular system is highly versatile, allowing configurations of single or multi-storey buildings to be designed to meet your exact needs. Our design and planning team can help you to decide upon requirements, provide 3D visuals of your project and advise on technical, budgetary and longer-term sustainability aspects. Commercial modules have a design life in excess of 100 years.

Modular buildings

Modular for simplicity and speed are pre-manufactured in a controlled factory environment. Our building modules remove unknown factors such as poor weather or site conditions by delivering high-specification, top-quality ‘instant’ accommodation for educational establishments, businesses, authorities, organizations, communities and residents alike.

Simple, practical construction with no compromise

Practical, convenient and quality. Whether it’s time, site accessibility, budgets or legislation that’s putting pressure on your project, our modular building system can provide the right solution to regain control of the situation, delivering short or longer-term respite for your ‘space’ needs – without compromising on quality or specification.
Easy to plan, deliver and assemble, our modular systems are designed for ease of use – and that includes their own easy-assembly design, how they are transported to site and how we install them to create the building that you specified. Our advice, site visit and 3D visuals will start the ball rolling.
Single or multi-storey configurations depend upon the size and location of your site; single or multiple-storey modular layout might be the right approach.

Building blocks

Being completely inter-connecting, they are as versatile as anyone’s imagination – like children’s building blocks with limitless configurations. The space, its layout, the look that’s right for your needs – all under your control. The short or long term space solution to ‘future-proof’ your investment, when their job is done you can return your modules, re-locate them to another site, use them in new figurations – even add new modules and start building again!


We offer leasing and other financing options depending on the client. For public sector clients we can offer long term leasing options for example school buildings or dedicated health care provision buildings.

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The work carried out by the whole team at Modular works from design to completion was professional and delivered on time and budget.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Modular Works and engage them to quote for future projects.
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Construction methods and specifications



Certain elements of our standard designs can be modified, according to individual needs – for instance, providing grab rails, wider and easier access for wheelchair-users, or adjustable-height surfaces Carepods® give you the cost and convenience benefits of a high-spec modular system, with the opportunity to get exactly the right solution for your care needs

Internal Specification

Internal Specification

Carepods are pre-installed with electrical and communications cabling, ducting, pipework, drainage etc for all the necessary utilities – including air-conditioning, if required Customers have a choice of shower-room sanitary-ware, kitchen units and appliances, fitted bedroom wardrobes, flooring material, overall décor style and colour finishes What starts life as a standard pod, becomes a stylish, comfortable

Exterior Cladding

Exterior Cladding

All of the cladding options for Carepods are chosen for their fire-retardance properties as much as their aesthetic appearance, weather protection and thermal insulation performance The external finish can blend in with surrounding buildings or contrast with them, be from a range of traditional timbers or a contemporary-styled finish – the choice is yours

Design Process

Design Process

Carepods are designed as a modular system of interlocking units that are pre-fabricated in a controlled environment, then transported to site for assembly This avoids the risk of on-site delays and damage from rain and frost, which can occur with traditional on-site construction The modular route is flexible, fast, cost-effective and high-quality

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Carepods are built with innovative, eco-friendly materials and components – like electric underfloor heating – that deliver energy efficiency, low running costs and comfortable living Wall, floor and roof sections utilise composite Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for rigidity, strength and thermal efficiency All external windows and doors – including panoramic bi-folds, where specified – conform



Whether your ground is heavy clay, prone to water-logging, or on a slope, we can use the best foundation option to suit – without the need for the time-consuming, deep excavation that’s required for traditional brick buildings Carepods are relatively lightweight and can very often be mounted onto galvanised steel and concrete foundations that provide

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10 year product guarantee
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